BetKing in Nigeria: Where Blue Blood Meets the Betting World

One of the most notable and reputable bookmakers known to royalty around the world, loved by kings and queens and their families, BetKing is at your service. It’s just a joke that the owners of BetKing wanted to tell people when they decided to name their betting site. However, the mission of the bookmaker is to make us feel like kings when betting on sports. The value is to expand the lifestyle of blue blood among all users of BetKing. 

The bookmaker is available in Nigeria and other African countries, and the more you get to know it, the more its philosophy applies to you. That’s why in the following article, we will cover the opportunities you can get by betting at BetKing, discuss its pros and cons, talk about the available sports, casino, virtual games, and what makes it stand out as the king. You will discover more things about BetKing than you ever pictured. 

The Nigerian Sports Betting Industry in 2023

The Nigerian Sports Betting Industry in 2023

Such a great passion of Nigerian people for sports made up the betting industry as it is now. Almost all individuals who own a smartphone or have access to desktops can easily place bets on all modern events, make quick payments, and claim generous promos. But it is getting increasingly developed each year, introducing exclusive features, bonuses, and betting mechanics. Now, it’s not a problem to place a live bet on your favorite football event from any place in the country, just having a smartphone and internet connection. Overall, 2023 was a successful year for many local online bookies, and the ones that were putting an effort have achieved great results in attracting millions of bettors.

From Betting Shops to Online Websites

The development of Internet technologies has completely changed our lives. Now we can easily watch movies online, buy products online, and play games online. The same trends can be applied to online betting. The decision to move to online betting was extremely wise. Now, you no longer need to go out and find the nearest betting shop to place bets on sports. It’s enough to register within one platform and place bets on all events happening in the world of any sport, try your luck at casino games, and even claim bonuses. Not all bookmakers can offer you incentives for registration or participation in loyalty programs. But, online versions of such bookmakers give various perks, increase profits, and players get a more pleasant experience. Check out the advantages of online betting on the website versus offline shops below. 

  • Online betting offers more opportunities to win money quickly and place bets with just a few clicks. While offline shops require you to be there or visit every time you decide to place a bet. 
  • Learn about sports on the website. Once you enter the website, you will appear on the platform with tons of free information about the previous matches, statistics, future matches, odds details, and some techniques to apply during your sessions.
  • Bet at any time. You’re not tied to any place and time limits, so when the idea pops up, you can instantly open the website and pick the selections to bet on.

Fight for the Players With the Sword of Quality and Transparency

It’s fortunate that many new brands are being created, and some already world-famous names are entering the Nigerian betting market. This tendency makes the betting sites fight for their customers by providing top quality services and all the demanding needs of betting, such as top security measures on the website and mobile apps, extensive sportsbooks with modern betting markets, popular sports events, lucrative bonuses, and other necessary elements. The competition created among the current betting sites pushes the industry, and new ideas are implemented. Now the new trend is the development of mobile apps, and not all bookmakers are catching up with such direction. So, bookmakers with mobile applications for iOS and Android are more competitive. 

The Only BetKing Review You’ll Ever Need

The Only BetKing Review You’ll Ever Need

Talking about the new betting entrance in the Nigerian market, it’s impossible to miss the opportunity to talk about the king of them, a well-known BetKing. Below you will find its pros and cons, considering the peculiarities of its sportsbooks, gambling games, computerized sports betting, and the latest promotions for 2023-2024. 


Nobody would argue that the heart of any bookmaker is its sportsbook. Every time you open the bookmaker’s website or app, you are immediately in front of it. There are different games, numerous betting markets, and odds to choose from. But what makes the BetKing Sportsbook different from the rest? What sports are available? 

Available Sports to Bet On

A large number of sports disciplines on the betting site is an essential key indicator for players. If there is no sport that you love, you most likely won’t keep around this site and look for another one. At BetKing, there are over 20 sports and more than a thousand monthly events. Check out popular sports below: 

  • Volleyball;
  • Footsal;
  • MMA;
  • Squash; 
  • Football;
  • Basketball; 
  • Tennis;
  • Baseball, and 20+ other sports; 
  • eSports (CS:GO, Dota 2, and League of Legends).  

Offered Betting Markets to Play With

Bookmakers like BetKing are pushing the boundaries of the betting industry by offering many unique ways to place a bet. If you are bored of regular bets and you know better ways to express your desires, like betting on a score, first scorer, corners, first/second halves, and other unusual markets, read below to see what BetKing offers its users. 

  • 1×2. This is just a regular bet where you pick a certain team’s winning or losing outcome in a certain match. You bet on the first or second team to win and win if your chosen team wins. Or you can bet on a tie and win if the result is a tie. The average odds of the market are usually medium, and of course, undergods have lower odds. 
  • Double Chance (DC). Here you can simplify your bet and pick two outcomes at the same time. For example, you pick the first or second team to win and draw and win if one of these outcomes happens. The beauty of this market is a higher probability of winning the bet because two outcomes are more likely to happen than one. However, the odds are lower than average, so the payouts also decrease. 
  • Over/Under. This is a large group of markets where the outcome depends on the score of the game. Here, instead of picking the winner, you have to predict whether the score will be higher or lower than the set amount. For example, with OV2.5, the total score of the match must be 3 or higher for you to win the bet. But with OV/UN makers, you can add other variables, such as time periods. 
  • First Goal. This is an unusual type of bet where you have to predict which player will draw the first blood (score the first goal). The odds are higher because the probability of predicting such an outcome is low. 
  • Number of corners. BetKing is famous for offering unique markets, such as predicting the number of corners during the whole match or the first or second half. You have to guess the total number of corners for the first and second half together.


Sports betting is not the only direction of the modern betting site. Players can also compete against each other and against computerized games and win real money. At BetKing, there are incredible casino sections with dozens of slots, offline table games, and even live casino games hosted by real dealers. Let’s explore the hidden casino games section. Yes, to find the games you need to first open the “Virtual” section and then click on “Casino.” 

  • Slots. Although the casino section at BetKing is a relatively new option, there are numerous famous titles from world-renowned software developers. The number of slots is enough to overwhelm many newcomers, so you won’t leave without finding the one you like. Each game consists of small important details, including the number of paylines, maximum and minimum bets, and maximum winnings. 
  • Crash games. If you’re bored with classic casino games, try crash games, which come with completely new mechanics. BetKing offers iconic games like Aviator, JetX, and CricketX – all of which share a common idea. As time passes, the multiplier increases, and your goal is to cash out in time before a plane, rocket, or ball crashes. It happens randomly, making predicting when it will fall and cash out with a big multiplier harder.
  • Table Games. BetKing is a collection of different games, and table games are a must at any betting site. There are roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and poker. These games are designed in different versions and have unique rules and mechanics. 
  • Live Casino. The trend of offering games controlled by people in a live format is becoming more and more attractive. The ability to play land-based casino games in front of your computer and watch your cards being dealt in real-time is incredible. In general, instead of playing games that are based on RNG, you are playing games that are controlled by humans.

Virtual Betting 

There is also a section of virtual games that you can play at any time of the day, week, or month. BetKing is one of the leaders in offering top-notch virtual sports betting with enhanced graphics, incredible sound effects, fair RNG, famous sports clubs, and themes. The main feature of virtual betting is the ability to enjoy betting on your favorite clubs and leagues 24/7. All games give an immersive feeling, and even though they are based on RNG (Random Number Generator), the results are extremely close as if it were a real game, thanks to the breakthrough random systems. 

On-Going Promotions November 2023 – December 2023

Bookmaker’s promo page is one of the first things to check when you enter the website. Today, bonuses, prizes, and rewards play an extremely crucial role in developing a modern betting site. BetKing can get its credits for offering top-notch experiences for bonus users. 

  • Once you decide to create an account, you can claim a free betting bonus of NGN 500 for new customers. The free bets are for the sportsbook only, but you can bet on any sporting event you like. All you need to do is complete your banking profile, and the bonus will be credited to your account within one day. 
  • Furthermore, players can join the Freebet Club and earn 10,000 NGN and more per week by betting on the sports of their choice. However, there are terms and conditions that you must follow to qualify for these free bets. 
  • If you like to feel royal, BetKing introduces Royal Cashback for people who like to be treated differently. But the cashback is only given to casino enthusiasts. If casino games are what you prefer, don’t hesitate to get some money back. 

Additional Features

As long as BetKing is considered a leading bookmaker in Nigeria, it should keep up with the trends by introducing analytics features, a sports statistics page, and a mobile application for Android phones. Take a look at the features that make BetKing stand out among other bookmakers. 

Mobile Apps 

Over the past few years, the number of mobile bettors has grown tremendously, prompting bookmakers to develop top-quality apps for users who prefer to bet on the go. BetKing is catching up with this trend and offers an incredible application for Android users. To download the BetKing app, go to the official BetKing website and find the page with the app. Click on the link to be redirected to the Google Play Store page. The application experience is much more pleasant than betting through a mobile website.

Results Page 

Having a reputable sportsbook, there must be open information about the previous and upcoming matches. At BetKing, there’s a special page where you can select the date, type of game, sport, country, and tournament and find the results of the particular game that took place during the season or year. This information will help you analyze the match and make accurate predictions. 

Statistic Center 

The ability to analyze game characteristics is crucial, as statistics from previous games and head-to-head matchups can open your eyes to how another team performs. Such information is a treasure in the world of betting. It also makes it easier to assess a team’s chances of winning the championship or getting out of the group stage. Today, random bets have nothing to do with modern betting, and all experience regularly open the statistics center to find the following information:

  • Number of wins and losses
  • Goals for and goals against 
  • Goal difference and number of points in the season

BetKing’s Pros & Cons

BetKing’s Pros & Cons

When evaluating the trustworthiness of a betting site, it’s crucial to check its pros and cons, especially its cons. Because the bookmaker that has many negatives automatically gets a low score and is not recommended. Check out the table below to see what BetKing’s advantages and drawbacks are. 

Perfect sportsbook for newbies and pros
Huge selection of sports markets
Extensive casino and virtuals section
Top security of the website 
Android application
Lack of live streaming options
No cryptocurrency payments

As we mentioned in the table, the bookmaker has more positive aspects, that’s why its rating is so high. Of course, it’s not the whole list of pros, BetKing is much more complex, consisting of numerous security systems, an updated list of payment methods, which proceed transactions quickly without commissions, and more interesting. Check all the advantages yourself. 

BetKing Nigeria Customer Service

BetKing Nigeria Customer Service

The customer support service at BetKing stands out among many others for its diversification of contact methods, speed of response, and warm relationship with customers. In fact, there’s no internet website without contacts, and if the customer really cares about its players, then a good experience is guaranteed. So, read about BetKing’s contacts section below. 

Communication Channels
Live ChatYes
Phone Call017005581/012777247 


The online sports betting industry is evolving, the number of players is growing, and new sites are popping up every other week. However, those sites that adhere to industry standards remain trustworthy and never close down. 

One of them is BetKing. It guarantees a safe and pleasant experience of placing bets on various sports. You will find everything you need there. From football championships to eSports and virtual sports. There are also fantastic casino sections with slots and other games. And all these beauties are accessible from a well-designed BetKing mobile application. Download the BetKing app, enjoy online sports, and never worry if you have to go somewhere – continue your sessions from mobile devices.

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